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3 things to consider when choosing an SEO marketing services provider
March 8, 2022 at 4:00 PM
SEO marketing services provider

Harnessing the power of search engine optimization (SEO) is now a must for your business to survive and thrive in an age rampant with digitalization.

With everything online nowadays, SEO has become essential in connecting your brand with the right target market and driving organic traffic to your website and social media accounts.

At, we work hard to help your business maximize its growth potential in today’s digital age. Are you looking for top-quality marketing SEO services that don't require you to make huge upfront payments? We offer subscription-based marketing so you can get the SEO results you need for your business without breaking the bank.

Let’s walk you through our top three considerations when choosing an SEO marketing services provider for your small business.

1. Transparency and open communication

Developing an effective SEO marketing strategy requires transparency and open communication from both sides. By this, we mean keeping you up to date on the latest SEO efforts being executed on behalf of your business. On your end, we’ll need you to tell us what specific goals you’re looking to achieve so we can tailor the SEO package to best meet them.

Discuss your transparency requirements and communication needs with your SEO provider first to ensure that you’re in the loop in their work and the status of their deliverables.

2. Understanding of business model and goals

SEO marketing strategies vary per business and brand goal.

When working with an SEO provider, it’s important for them to take time to know your business model, products or services, target audience, competitors, brand voice, and what you aim to achieve over a certain period.

Be wary of SEO providers who immediately present SEO marketing strategies without discussing business models and goal alignments with you. It’s highly likely that there will be a huge disconnect between their so-called strategy and your brand objectives.


At, we work with you every step of the way to help you meet your business goals in the most effective way possible.

We provide a multiple offering platform called “Global Marketing Toolbox” that gives your brand access to a vast array of solutions for your marketing needs.

While SEO isn’t always straightforward, having a keen understanding of the goals and strategies can help improve the overall plan and prepare the brand for future marketing activities.

3. Monitoring and reporting

When choosing a provider for SEO marketing services, require them to provide progress and status reports at given intervals. This could be monthly, quarterly, or even bi-annually. The aim here is to ensure that your business is achieving or on track to meet its goals.

Your SEO marketing agency should continuously monitor your business website’s SEO performance and site traffic to ensure that the SEO strategy being implemented is working as intended.

If your SEO agency doesn’t provide progress or status reports, consider it a giant red flag since it means they’re probably just executing the exact same thing for their other clients. Ultimately, this approach cannot yield any useful or lasting results.

Monitoring and reporting will provide opportunities for improvements or changes to get the best results and SEO performance for your brand. Knowing the SEO performance will also help you identify weak points in your strategy so you know what to continue doing and what needs to be changed.

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SEO is a critical aspect of any goal-driven digital marketing strategy. But with so many considerations and technical aspects involved, it can often be cost-prohibitive, especially for small business owners.

At, we can develop a winning SEO strategy for maximum business growth with a simple monthly fee. You read that right, no retainer or set-up costs, just a $49.99 per month subscription fee. That’s equivalent to only $1.67 a day or less than the price of a cup of coffee. What’s more, you can cancel us at any time if you see that we’re not a good business fit.

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