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Subscription-based marketing services vs. traditional marketing
February 1, 2022 at 7:00 AM
Subscription-based marketing services vs. traditional marketing

The marketing world is filled with a variety of different tactics, strategies, and techniques to grow a business. In addition to traditional marketing strategies for your business, we’ve recently seen the boom of multi-level marketing companies as well as subscription-based marketing services. The MLM world is completely different than how you would market a business, but there are more similarities between subscription services and traditional businesses. Here at The Liquid, we want to compare some of the differences between subscription services and traditional marketing.

Subscription marketing

End goal

Subscription-based marketing services aren’t looking to build a large base of customers who periodically buy their products or service. Instead, they’re putting in efforts to have a group of customers who are loyal and willing to pay a monthly fee for services. A subscription-based model has grown increasingly popular with fashion services that provide a monthly box of clothing, food services that supply recipes and ingredients, and even electronics that come with maintenance and IT services. Customers see the benefits of having products curated for them and sent directly to their homes. It takes out the stress of shopping for clothes at several stores or putting together a menu. Subscription marketing is tapping into a demographic of people who are looking to simplify their lives.


Subscription services with personally curated packages have been growing in popularity in recent years. Many of the strategies used to grow subscription services include building customer loyalty. Offering a free basic package with sign-up, trial periods, discounts, and upsetting are ways that companies are marketing their subscription services to customers. The hope is that they can draw the customer in with a sample then hook them onto a monthly payment that will grow the company.

Traditional marketing

End goal

Traditional marketing can be generally used for many types of businesses. The goal of traditional marketing is to reach customers and tell them the benefits of a specific product or service offered by a company. After presenting the benefits of said product or service, the company will further work to keep those customers. Loyalty is established through quality products and services rather than a monthly fee.


Companies will use a variety of strategies to get their products in front of their customers. From TV to radio to internet marketing strategies and beyond, each strategy is designed to cater to a specific demographic. For example, you’ll notice that you see different commercials for the same company on different TV channels. Many companies with large marketing budgets will take this approach to appeal to the target demographics who spend most of their time on each channel while offering the same product.

When it comes to getting your brand directly in the hands of your customers, internet marketing is often the preferred method. Implementing SEO strategies to your website, being active on social media, and creating videos for YouTube can make it easier for your customers to find you without having to seek them out.

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