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Is your idea, small business, or corporation losing traction in this post Covid economy?

Is your website traffic becoming an issue? Every business, online company, and website needs to have strong web traffic to maintain success, and can definitely help.

But doing so requires extensive digital marketing knowledge, and can bring it big!

7652f708-41e5-11eb-8a2a-0242ac110002-words.png offering has been expanded during this time of economic need with an ultra low-cost solution to keep you front and center, and relevant in this new and fragmented landscape.

In this 11th hour, not everyone has time to learn SEO techniques, nor can they.

Certainly with business revenue down or your start-up stalled, funds are low and paying high cost SEO providers and marketing firms is no longer an option.

So what’s at risk you may ask?

Number One: Your visibility, your ability to let others know that you are weathering the storm, and the appearance that you are still there and standing strong! We will provide this muscle for you from the minute you become a Member of

Everyone has heard the phrase, “First impressions are everything.”

Most of our Members no longer have the budget to hire an SEO specialist or outside business marketing program, so let be your partner with our affordable Global Online Marketing Toolbox. Our platform is immediately applicable for the start-up business, a local business, or in the national or online marketplace.

You must stay front and center in the marketing and SEO world, where you generate a strong online presence and create brand awareness, is the right answer for you. Our existing and newly implemented strategies work even better than classic SEO marketing, because your presence on our platform is permanent!


With your Membership on you will receive a HUGE boost online with all of the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, Etc).

In addition, you need to also think of updating your social media marketing promotion and other marketing strategies. Our “How To Tutorials” (coming soon via PDF on this site and our YouTube channel) will tell you exactly how to refresh your social media in conjunction with your new Membership within

Most of our Members forget about the ‘social’ aspect of social media. Engaging with other social media users will always remain a key in promoting your business.

Social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are a great way to find likeminded colleagues and customers. Yet to this day, a vast majority of people who come to us do not use these platforms properly to establish a meaningful online presence, simply because they do not think they can or they do not believe they have the know-how.

As part of your Membership, we will provide you with very-simple and easy, and free 1-2-3 step by step methods to start this boost immediately, and this part of your to-do is absolutely free with Membership.

No need for expensive consultants and SEO experts to obtain this free good will. Membership will ultimately be your greatest online cheerleader, where people will know who you are, and where to find you from day one. Think of as your very own private super-search-engine promoting your favorite person, YOU!

Wouldn’t you love an SEO or advertising service where you paid a small amount, and they did the work for you?

Well, here we are at only $49.99 per month!

It should be duly noted that SEO and advertising specialists don’t work for peanuts. This is where you can rely on because peanuts are OK with us.

We don’t need to charge you an arm and a leg to provide you with a permanent home on the web via our robust platform. Whether you have a website or not, whether you send lots of emails or not, or pass out lots of business cards, never forget to include your website address and your personal HANDLE on

You may say, well isn’t that an obvious and expected task of any business endeavor? Well, it’s not! We are amazed how many texts, emails, business cards and social media accounts do not include a web address. If you do not have a website, your new Membership page can serve as your permanent home on the web. Your unique HANDLE with will look something like this:

(Free Custom Domain Name Paid For By The Liquid Every Year You Remain A Member)

Your new handle or link will provide you with an immediate presence with the search engines. If you cannot afford a website right now, this is your instant fix! Your handle can be used in your email signature or under your name on your business card, and listed on all of your social media accounts.

Free custom domain name paid for by as long as you remain a member (Example: or:

Your handle with TheLiquid can also be a market specific social media tool — share any new products, services, announcements or updates on your social media channels and include your handle with The search engines will catch wind of your new initiative in short-order…how awesome is that?

Between your website (if you have one) and/or your handle with, the search engines will be able to kiss your brand, and make your handle name/s easy to find and your online identity will be permanent just like that.

The best way to increase web traffic is making your online presence easily accessible, and that is exactly what will do for you the minute you became a Member. People don’t want to search for your web presence like the proverbial needle in the haystack. will let people know where you are immediately. With your Membership on our platform they can find your website or handle and social media accounts. They can find all of this about you in one place, and that is with us, via your permanent slice of real estate on


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Disclaimer: Your new HANDLE page will be live within 24-48 hours with the exception of certain holidays and weekends. Your free custom DOMAIN NAME will be live as soon as it is activated, usually within 7 business days or less.