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The easiest way to expand your brand without doing expensive advertising and SEO, promotion is with guest posting and BACKLINKS.

What are BACKLINKS and what is guest posting?


When you’re writing a post on someone else’s’ website, social media account or blog, where it will create a link (A BACKLINK) to your own website, handle or social media account. You get the exposure you need by using the host website’s or social media traffic.

TheLiquid is a MONSTER BACKLINK of traffic and we offer you this service as part of Membership at no extra cost.

No one else in the free world offers such a program for no up-charge!

The BACKLINK is the mother-load of all web traffic, where your name/s all speak to one another, and where the search engines will recognize that you are the popular kid on the playground.

Under umbrella you will ride our vast wave of our BACKLINKS via our partnerships with Apple, Google, Yahoo, Bing, B12, Constant Contact, Microsoft, GoDaddy and our vast host of other heavy hitter partnerships.

The net result is that you will immediately ride the wave of our robust platform.


In addition, visitors to website will be able to access our search-bar to locate you immediately within on proprietary “GOOGLE SEARCH BAR” directory of people, companies and professionals.

It’s a simple “Fill In The Blanks” and BOOM! You are up and ready to go — total time out of your day to launch this simple but ultra effective solution, is a mere 5-15 minutes.

In other words, we are your content creation service, saving you hundreds and even thousands of dollars right out of the gates.

Sign up today FOR $49.99 per month, and you can have an immediate and successful web footprint. All of this without using the so-called experts and expensive advertising and SEO companies. platform will immediately provide you with a more personable connection and help you to engage with like-minded individuals in your niche. This will help strengthen your brand in ways you never imagined.

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